Letter from The Garden City Press to The Hogarth Press (06/02/1933)



[[MS 2750/200/3]]




To Messrs. The Hogarth Press, 
52, Tavistock Square, 


Feb. 6th, 1933.



Estimate No. LS/ALG. Ho/16874. Please state number when ordering. Terms: Monthly 5%.


We have pleasure in submitting the following specification and price for your approval. Your further instructions will receive our immediate attention. Day to Day Pamphlet No. 16 “The Case for West Indian Self Government,” size Crown 8vo., to make 36 pages inclusive of 6 pp. Prelims. - The Dedication to appear on the back of the Index page 


COMPOSITION: 11 point Old Style, 22 x 36 ems overall with indented matter in 10 point and foot-notes in 8 point, as our specimen page herewith           36 pages       £7.      9.         0.


Imposing 36 pages for machine                                                                            £-.       17.      0.


MACHINING: From type 36 pages on paper supplied to us in size 40 x 30:-


1200 copies                                                                                                              £2.      6.         0.

1500 “                                                                                                                         £2.      10.      6.


Setting Cover and Machining first page only in black ink:-

1200 copies                                                                                                              £-.       14.      6.

1500 “                                                                                                                         £-.       16.      0.


Contd. Subject to the conditions as over.





[Printer’s terms and conditions]







SUPPLYING PAPER: Supplying Antique Wove Paper for Text as supplied for other Pamphlets in Day to Day Series:-


Per 1000 copies, 36 pages                                                                                    £1.      1.         0.


Supplying Vivid, Plain Finish, Thick Cover Paper:-


Per 1000 copies                                                                                                       £1.      0.         6.


BINDING: 36 pages and cover, size Crown 8vo., sewn as two sections, wrappered [sic] in paper cover, glued back only, cut flush:-


100 copies                                                                                                                 £-.       6.         0.

500 “                                                                                                                           £1.      2.         6.

1000 “                                                                                                                         £2.      2.         0.


Galley proofs in five days. Paged proofs in four days. Advance copies five days after receipt of passed proofs.


Yours faithfully, | THE GARDEN CITY PRESS LTD. | LW [signature]

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Letter from The Garden City Press to The Hogarth Press (06/02/1933)


University of Reading, Special Collections

The Garden City Press provides an estimate for printing and binding 1200 or 1500 copies of The Case for West-Indian Self Government.

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