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J. P. LAMB. 


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Hogarth Press, 
Pixmore Avenue, 


2nd February, 1949.


[oval date stamp: RECEIVED, 4 FEB1949 THE HOGARTH PRESS LTD.]


Dear Sirs,


When the new Central Library was opened in Sheffield in 1934, a portion of the Children's Department was set apart as a Teachers' and Parents' Library, and which was, in effect, a permanent exhibition of the best editions of children's books on the market. You were good enough to supply certain books to me when the exhibition was first begun, and to supply on request copies of other books published by you year by year. About 1942, owing to publishing difficulties, it was not possible to continue this arrangement, and from my angle, my own staffing problems also made it difficult to carry on. Hence, the books then in stock were put to one side, and are still in my possession. I append a list of those which you have been good enough to lend to me.


My staffing difficulties still persist, and as the book market is still somewhat unstable, I feel it will not be possible for the exhibition to be recreated for some time to come. Most of the editions of the books then supplied are not now obtainable, and obviously cannot be shown. In these circumstances, would you like me to return the books to you, or would you be prepared to consider selling them to me, either directly at an agreed price, or, if you wish, through the booksellers who normally supply me? I need not say that the latter suggestion would be most acceptable to me, in view of the extraordinary difficulty of obtaining enough books to supply the enormous demands of the child readers in these Libraries.


I shall be very glad to have your views in due course and in the meantime, I would like to thank you for your collaboration in




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the past, which has done much to help teachers and parents in their selection of books for children, and to advance the quality of demand.


Yours truly, | J[oseph]. P[ercy]. Lamb [signature] | City Librarian.


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Source: MS 2750/189/19

Letter from Sheffield City Libraries to The Hogarth Press: 02/02/1949


University of Reading, Special Collections

City Librarian J. P. Lamb writes in regard to books lent to them for an exhibit of children's books, and the difficulties the library had in maintaining it.

Typescript letter signed by Lamb