Letter from Samuel Solomonovich Koteliansky to Leonard Woolf (11/12/1922)



[[MS 2750/038/2]]


5 Acacia R[oa]d 
St John's Wood 


December 11


Doporior*1 Leona[r]d


I enclosed the letters, and two M[anu]s[cript[s]. with corrections on separate pieces of paper.


I think Tolstoi's letters are very good indeed. As to Biryukov's*2 "Autobiographical Elements" I think they are quite useful for general reasons, and quite worth publishing.


Don't you think it is worth while trying "John o' London*3" for the*4 Biryukov article? Then the question of money will be settled quite satisfactorily.


I am awaiting to hear from you as regards to the Gorkie and the Dostoevsky M[anu]s[cript]s.


Yours | SSK*5 [signature]




*1   Russian for Dear.

*2 possibly referring to Vladimir Biryukov

*3 This was a Weekly Literary magazine.

*4 When writing the word 'the', the 'h' is sometimes omitted.

*5 Samuel Solomonovich Koteliansky




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Letter from Samuel Solomonovich Koteliansky to Leonard Woolf (11/12/1922)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Koteliansky writes regarding enclosures he has sent, he feels Tolstoi's letters are good, and worth publishing. He discusses matters relating to finance, and awaits a response regarding a Dostoevsky manuscripts


Manuscript letter signed by by Koteliansky