Letter from S. S. Koteliansky to Aline Burch (11/02/1948)



[[MS 2750/72/12]] 


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St John’s Wood, NW8

Dear Miss *Burch


Thank you very much for your letter of the 10th, for the explanations, and for the cheque value £4.12.6.


[annotation in the margin] [*grant to Lear?*]


There' only one point on which I should like to be informed.


for your licence to Penguin books to reprint A. Tchekhov's "Notebooks", what rights exactly did you give them? Surely, they cannot publish "Tch[ekhov's] Notesbooks" as a separate Penguin Volume! Do "Tch[ekhov's] Notesbooks" form part of a book, and [2 words illeg.] is that book written?


I do not remember the details, but a long time ago I had a correspondence with Alan Lane about a Tchekhov book to be made by [2 words illeg.], and which was to contain the Tchekhov "notebooks".


At the time I deliberately created  difficulties, so as not to have my name associated with hers. I wonder, if it is the same plan as it was suggested at that time. I should certainly dislike to be in any way associated with the [2 words illeg.] ; but evidently nothing can be done about it now.


Thank you very much for saying that in the future you will direct straight to me those interested in the Russian translations published by the Hogarth Press.


Yours sincerely | S. S. Koteliansky [signature]


*Miss Newman has a copy of the "Stavrogin's Confession" published by Lear Publications, so perhaps you can ask her to show it to you. The point is again: what rights exactly did you [continues in annotation within the top left margin] [*grant to Lear?*]



1. Aline Burch 
2.  Miss Cherrell Newman

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Letter from S. S. Koteliansky to Aline Burch (11/02/1948)


University of Reading, Special Collections

S. S. Koteliansky thanks Burch for the clarification, the royalties and for following up on the matter of the translation of Stavrogin's Confession. In a postscript, Koteliansky asks what rights have been granted to Lear publishers

Handwritten letter signed by Koteliansky