Letter from Raymond Postgate to Leonard Woolf (04/02/1931)



[[MS 2750/153/20]]




[pre-printed letterhead] [Logo of Borzoi Books] ALFRED A. KNOPF, Inc.  New York  From R. W. Postgate, European Representative  4 Elm Close  London N W 4


Leonard Woolf, Esq., 
The Hogarth Press, 
52 Tavistock Square, W.C.1.


4th February, 1931.


Dear Mr. Woolf,


I am so sorry that a rough draft of our agreement pencilled in by me was sent you by mistake instead of the typed out and tidy copy you ought to have received.


Certainly, we agree that you have Canada.  The Canadian market is of very little value in any case, and we only like to have it, where it is not already allocated, because certain large orders from big retailers who have branches both in Canada and the United States, sometimes present a difficulty, otherwise.  I quite agree also with your phrasing of the matter of the option on OH [the ‘h’ is crossed out] PROVIDENCE is better than mine.  I am having the alteration made and will send the agreement through to you within a few days.


Yours sincerely, | RW Postgate [signature]


[*My phrasing, like my letter, was hardly grammar!*]

Source: MS 2750/153/20

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Letter from Raymond Postgate to Leonard Woolf (04/02/1931)


University of Reading, Special Collections

R. W. Postgate writes to apologise for the sending of a rough draft copy of their agreement instead of a typed version. They agree that The Hogarth Press has the Canadian rights. He also agrees to Leonard Woolf's amendments to the phrasing in the contract, and states he is organising alterations before sending the revised contract.


Typescript letter signed by Postgate containing his own handwritten annotation