Letter from Pamela Diamand to Piers Raymond (24/09/1952)

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[[MS 2750/120/22]]


[pre-printed letterhead] PAMELA DIAMAND Artist Potter [struck out by hand] Telephone: Maldon (Essex) 247 HEYBRIDGE, MALDON, ESSEX.




24[th] Sept[ember] [1952]


Dear Mr Raymond.


Thank you very much for your letter of  the 15th -. I am sorry not to have answered sooner, but was away. It is very kind of you to suggest sending me The Woodcut books & I am quite sure my Aunts would be very pleased to share with me in having them, so if you will kindly send them to me I will see to it.



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The two advance copies of the Cézanne arrived just before my departure & so, I am afraid I delayed writing to thank you or to say how pleased I am that they look so good at such a resonable price & that they you have been able to retain all the features of the original, especially the cover.


I will let you know when I hear anything from Palestine.


Yours sincerely | Pamela Diamand



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1. Piers Raymond

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Letter from Pamela Diamand to Piers Raymond (24/09/1952)



University of Reading, Special Collections

Pamela Diamand thanks Piers Raymond and The Hogarth Press for their offer in sending her the remaining copies of the book 'Twelve Original Woodcuts'. She would like to share copies with her Aunts and asks for them to be sent. Diamand thanks the press for the advanced copies of the 'Cézanne', and mentions that she will let the press know when she hears anything back from Palestine.


Handwritten letter signed by Diamand