Letter from Norman Leys to Leonard Woolf (28/07/1924)




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28th July 1924


Dear Woolf,


As I have already telegraphed I hope to reach London by 9.56 A.M. and shall go straight to Tavistock Square.


2. Allen & Unwin have already got the printer to 'cast off' the mss [manuscript]. Changes made by me since that was done involve, on balance, the addition of, at most, 1000 words. So I dont [sic] see any need for you to get the thing done all over again.





3. Of the three maps, I shall bring two. The third should be a map of Kenya showing merely, boundaries, the routes of the Uganda Railways, either the 5000 ft. or the 6000 ft. contour line, and the 8000 ft. contour. Few lines, and no colours, are thus needed. 'The Times' big atlas contains everything in its map of East Africa.


4. I shall bring rest of mss [manuscript]. Would you have ready these eight chapters, and an atlas?







5. It is very kind of you to be so trustful. But I am strongly of opinion that either you or your wife should read every word of the mss[manuscript] as soon as possible. I dont [sic] know of anything libellous or otherwise objectionable in it. But I havent [sic] had your experience of the world and its affairs and I mistrust my own judgements except of Kenya affairs.


6. I suggest that, if a written agreement is usual between pub-







lisher and author, we should enter into one. And I suggest that even if you would like to share the possible profits to any some extent, your risk of loss from failure should be very restricted. The very fact that we are friends should make us obey the rules of the game very strictly.


Yours | Norman Leys [signature]

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Letter from Norman Leys to Leonard Woolf (28/07/1924)



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Norman Leys writes to let Leonard Woolf know when he will be arriving in London. He mentions Allen and Unwin and his additions, Leys also discusses maps, what part of Kenya they should show and also informs Woolf that he will be bringing the rest of the manuscript. He wants Virgina and Leonard to read it. Leys finishes the letter talking about an agreement. Handwritten letter signed by Leys