Letter from Norman Leys to Leonard Woolf (11/03/1925)

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Norman Leys writes to try and clarify Woolf's correspondence with him and his feelings that he is 'overpersuading'. He believes Leonard Woolf's advice is to not print a second edition. He wants to meet Woolf to make further enquries that he needs answering. Leys also makes a series of forecasts. He also asks if a sale of a cheap edition will prejudice the sale of an ordinary one. Leys asks Woolf for some estimates in relation to how long a cheap edition would last and also asks about expenditure relating to advertising and advertising in America. Leys questions if Woolf has sent review copies to the United Methodists, and all the papers on the list that he had provided. He finishes by requesting that if Woolf cannot meet him, that he should answer this letter as fully as he can, being clear with what his intentions are.


Norman Leys


Leonard Woolf The Hogarth Press

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Wednesday, March 11, 1925

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