Letter from Mary Gordon to Leonard Woolf (30/12/1935) [2]

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Source: MS 2750/129/1/4

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Letter from Mary Gordon to Leonard Woolf (30/12/1935) [2]



University of Reading, Special Collections

Mary Gordon informs Leonard Woolf that her sources for Chase of the Wild Goose comes from Anna Seward's letters, extracts from the British Museum, Bull's Hamwood Papers, etc. She believes that Caroline Hamilton's journal is antagonising and whitewashing of Sarah Ponsonby's grandfather. She has also found information from sources in Arthur Ponsonby's writings, a descendant from Sarah Ponsonby's half-sister, John Ponsonby's book of The Ponsonby Family, General Yorke's attempts to secure the Llangollen Ladies' house, writings from Edmund Burke and Lord Castlereigh, maps from Kilkenny, etc. .

Handwritten letter signed by Mary Gordon.