Letter from Leonard Woolf to William Plomer (28/04/1925)

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Source: MS 2750/351/5

Image Rights Holder: Estate of William Plomer

Letter from Leonard Woolf to William Plomer (28/04/1925)



University of Reading, Special Collections

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Leonard writes to say that both he and Virginia would like to publish the book in the Autumn. Woolf informs that he is sending a draft agreement and also notifies Plomer of the commission he will receive. Woolf doubts the popularity of the book and therefore only offers a share of the profits without royalty payments. Woolf reiterates his concerns over liability regarding libel action in case any of the characters are identified as real people, he urges Plomer to consider this matter carefully and to think about making changes to the manuscript. Woolf also explains what constitutes a libel case. He iterates that The Hogarth Press is not in a position of wealth and thus unable to sustain heavy losses. Woolf finishes the letter asking not to reproduce drawings previously sent by Plomer as they are not suitable and would add to the expense of creating the book.


Typescript letter signed by Woolf