Letter from Leonard Woolf to Walter V. McKee (21/08/1928)

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[[MS 2750/560/14]]


Walter V. McKee, Esq., 
32 University Place, 
New York City.



21st August, 1928.

[*Kew Gardens*]


Dear Sir,


I have to thank you for your letter of the 4th August, and I should certainly be interested in an arrangement by which you would take a quarter to a third of our limited editions. In our present list, however, we do not happen to have a limited edition, but I wounder whether you could do anything with one which we brought out at the end of 1927.

This is “Kew Gardens” by Virginia Woolf, decorated by Vanessa Bell, a copy of which I am sending under separate cover.  This is a limited numbered edition of 500 copies, and we have sold practically none in America.  We still have over 100 copies and it is still selling here.  But we could, if you cared, let you have 30 or 40 copies for selling in America.  You do not say in your letter whether you are prepared to take the books outright at 50% discount, but I presume that this is what you propose.


Yours faithfully, | [signature] Leonard Woolf

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Source: MS 2750/560/14

Letter from Leonard Woolf to Walter V. McKee (21/08/1928)

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Woolf writes to register his interest in Mckee's distribution services and suggests Kew Gardens to him. He states that the book is still selling in the UK and that they have 100 copies left, but they have not sold many in America. He assumes that Mckee would take the books at 50% discount in reference to terms in his previous letter.

Typescript letter signed by Woolf