Letter from Leonard Woolf to Samuel Solomonovich Koteliansky (03/01/1923)

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Dear Kot,


I enclose a cheque for £2-9-2, made up of £1-1-6 for the share of profits of Gorky and £1-7-8 Tchekhov. This is on 37 [originally 36 but 7 typed over 6] copies of Gorky and 51 copies Tchekhov sold and paid for from March to Dec. 1922. There ought to be another pound or so due to you by March 31st on these two books as there are a certain number of outstanding accounts which are usually settle early in the year.


I don’t think we can tell Mountsier to send money direct to Lawrence. Mountsier is dealing with the Hogarth Press and the Press with you, and he must pay us and we you on Lawrence’s a/c.


Surely you must see that when we get little or nothing as translators it makes all the difference in the world. When we get got 50 or 80 pounds as translators and credited it to the Press, Partidge or anyone else who took a share of the profits of the Press for the work done by them, gpt <got> their share of this. We were in fact being generous to the Press, and therefore to whoever was working for the Press, at our expense --that was our look out. But we were also being generous to our co-translator (at our expense) by not taking any publisher’s commission. When we get nothing for translator’s rights in America, we can credit nothing to the Press and our co-worker gets nothing – in that case we are being generous to our co-translator not only at our own expense but also at the expense of our co-worker. If you examine the accounts, as you may, when you come here next time, you will, I think, see that this is true in fact. The results at the end of the year for the Bunin will be that we shall have got nothing ourselves and the Press will have got nothing, while you and Lawrence will have got between you £94 £19. I am not complaining, and, if we were only concerned, I might have left it ar that, but obviously, where other people besides ourselves are concerned, we could not continue to go on like that.


I am afraid we could not possibly afford to give £75 for the Gorky, and I am therefore returning the MS[manuscript].


As regards the Dostoevsky, I cannot, as I told you, give you





A definite reply about printing it ourselves, until we know for certain what our arrangement will be here. In any case I do not now see how we could print it this spring. Let me know whether I should send you back the MS[manuscript] or whether you will wait a bit.


Yours | Leonard Woolf [signature]

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Source: MS 2750/38/6

Letter from Leonard Woolf to Samuel Solomonovich Koteliansky (03/01/1923)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Woolf encloses another cheque and responds in much greater detail regarding the division of profits, explaining he must now think about the other workers of the press and not just himself and Virginia. Woolf speaks of generosity and welcomes Koteliansky to view the accounts. He explains that he can not afford to pay £75 for the Gorky manuscript and will therefore return it. Woolf also responds to questions about publishing Dostoevsky [The Plan] and that he is uncertain whether they will print it, asking if Koteliansky would like the manuscript back


Typescript letter signed by Woolf