Letter from Leonard Woolf to R. & R. Clark (23/02/1926)




[[MS 2750/93/47]]


R. & R. Clark, Ltd., 
Brandon Street, 


February 23rd. 1926.


Dear Sirs:




We shall be obliged if you will reprint 1,500 copies of this book after which you may distribute the type. We shall not require any copies to be bound up at the moment.


Yours faithfully, | Leonard Woolf [signature] | Director.


P.S. The only alteration to be made should be the substitution of the word 'third' for 'second' on the title page; the transference of the two paragraphs on the back of the title page to the back of the Contents (i.e. from page 6 to page 8); and the printing of the following in 8-pt. italics on page 6.:-


First published May, 1923. 
Second edition July, 1923. 
Reprinted March, 1926.

Rights Statement:

Reproduced with permission from Penguin Random House  UK archive and library, with thanks to the Society of Authors

Source: MS 2750/93/47

Letter from Leonard Woolf to R. & R. Clark (23/02/1926)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Woolf asks to be quoted for a 1500 copy reprint of Pharos and Pharillon and leaves them instructions for minimal alterations.

Typescript letter signed by Woolf