Letter from Leonard Woolf to Margaret Llewelyn Davies (18/10/1930)

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[[MS 2750/62/3]]


Miss M Ll Davies 
26 Well Walk 
Hampstead     N.W.3


18 October, 1930


My dear Margaret,




I am ashamed of the delay in writing to you. My excuse is first the book had been held up in one way and another so that it no longer seemed possible to get it out this season and give it a fair chance, and secondly as soon as I got back to town, our manager fell ill so that I was rather overwhelmed by the day to day work of the Press.


I certainly think the book worth doing apart from the introduction and I should propose, if you agree with our terms, that it should now be got into final form for printing and that we should print it and bring it out early in the sum spring season. We would pay a royalty of 10 per cent on the first 1000 copied sold and 15 per cent on all copies sold above that number. If you think these terms right, whom should we make out the agreement with?


We should like to come up and see you one day[.]


Yours | Leonard Woolf [signature]

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Source: MS 2750/62/3

Letter from Leonard Woolf to Margaret Llewelyn Davies (18/10/1930)



University of Reading, Special Collections

Woolf apologises for delays with publication of Life as We Have Known It and proposes that Hogarth Press publish the book in spring 1931 with royalties at 10% for the first 1,000 copies and 15% thereafter. Typescipt letter signed by Woolf