Letter from Leonard Woolf to Hope Mirrlees (6/8/1924)



[[MS 2750/7/4]]




Monk's House 
near Lewes 


 [* } - My address to the end of Sept[ember]. *]


6 August, 1926



Dear Hope *1,


Avvakum has just arrived. Would you let me know by return

(a) the exact title which is to appear on the title page including the wording of the statement about translation and your two names;

(b) whether you have definitely got an introduction by Prince Mirsky and, if so, what should be allowed for it as regards length in the estimate;

(c) whether the MS [manuscript] is finally revised for printing, as corrections in proof are so expensive now that it is advisable not to send the MS [manuscript] for final printing unless it has been revised;

(d) whether you and Jane have any feeling about what the book should look like, e.g. an ordinary crown 8vo [crown octavo] or a smaller size of book?

As soon as I hear from you, I will send the MS [manuscript] to the printer for an estimate.


Yours | Leonard Woolf [signature]



*1 Hope Mirrlees

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Source: MS 2750/7/4

Letter from Leonard Woolf to Hope Mirrlees (6/8/1924)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Leonard Woolf informs that the manuscript of the book has arrived, he requests the exact title, whether or not there is an introduction by Prince Mirsky, whether the manuscript is revised for printing, and what feelings the authors have about the look of the book.

Typescript letter signed by Woolf