Letter from Leonard Woolf to Hope Mirrlees (26/8/1924)



[[MS 2750/7/11]]


Monk's House 
near Lewes 



Dear Hope *1,

I have recieved your revised MS [manuscript] and it has gone to the printer with the Preface. It may take a little time before you get proofs as the Preface is longer than I thought and I am not a sure that the format of the book will not require slight alteration. At any rate, I am getting an alternative format and estimate from the printer. I ought to get this in a day or two and we ought to be getting proofs in 10 days or a fortnight.

I will send proofs to Prince Mirsky. I enclose a contract for your approval. If you agree will you return it to me with your signatures and I will then send you one signed by us.

I must say that I think the book superb. I have read it through now four times, and it is better each time. But I doubt whether we shall find a very large number of people to agree.


Yours | [signature] Leonard Woolf


* Endnotes

*1 Hope Mirrlees

Source: MS 2750/7/11

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Letter from Leonard Woolf to Hope Mirrlees (26/8/1924)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Letter acknowledges receipt of the revised manuscript that has gone to the printers with the preface and states that he will send proofs to Prince Mirsky. Woolf encloses a contract for approval. [contract not present at the time of cataloguing]. He adds give a positive opinion on the book but states there may be a limited audience for it.

Typescript letter signed by Woolf