Letter from Leonard Woolf to Coralie Hobson (01/03/1924)

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[[MS 2750/168/4]]


1 March, 1924


Dear Madam,


We have had an estimate for printing the book of short stories.  For printing 1000 copies and binding 400 in cloth it comes to £52-11-0, and there is a saving of £1-15-0 if it is bound in paper boards with cloth back.  We estimate the total maximum costs for printing and binding 1000 copies and distribution and advertizing as follows:


                                                           £   s   d

Printing                                               46-10-0

Binding                                               26-15-0

Distribution and Advertising               25- 0- 0

                                                          98- 5- 0



The book could, we think, be published at 4/6 net which means that the actual receipts would be about £15 per 100 copies sold.  Allowing 100 copies for review and presentation, if the whole edition were sold, the receipts would be about £135.


If you would like us to publish the book for you, we should propose to do so at your risk on the following terms.  You would make us a deposit of £50, and we would account to you charging you with the costs and crediting you with all receipts, after deducting as our commission 10% of the published price of each copy sold, provided that you would in no case be liable for more than £50, whatever the loss on the publication might be.  If, however, at any time you desired that more should be spent upon advertising than the sum estimated for above, you would find the extra amount yourself.  Any future editions would be published by us for you on





the same terms.


We should perhaps add that, on these terms, we reckon that you would have to sell between 700 and 800 copies in order to cover your expenses.


Yours faithfully | THE HOGARTH PRESS


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Source: MS 2750/168/4

Letter from Leonard Woolf to Coralie Hobson (01/03/1924)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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Woolf writes to provide an estimate to print Hobson's book of short stories, subsequently titled In Our Town. Leonard notes that Hobson will have to contribute fifty pounds to printing costs.

Typescript letter signed by Woolf