Letter from John Lehmann to Raymond Savage Limited (06/05/1931)

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[[MS 2750/153/23]]


Messrs. R.Savage Ltd., 
Panton House, 
25,Haymarket, S.W.1






Dear Sirs,


We have noticed that in the agreement for the above book, signed by Mr. Savage and Mr. Simpson, the sole and exclusive right is granted us of 'selling the said work in volume form in the English language in all parts of the world (except for the United States of America)' in para.1. But by Mr Savage's letter of 4.11.30, we are granted 'the right to sell this book and O PROVIDENCE in the United States of America'.  We have as a matter of fact sold these American rights to Messrs. Knopf.  We should be grateful therefore if Mr.Savage could make this alteration in the agreement and initial it, and have Mr. Simpson initial it also.  We are returning the <agreement> for this purpose.


Yours faithfully, | The Hogarth Press. | John F. Lehmann [signature]

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Source: MS 2750/153/23

Letter from John Lehmann to Raymond Savage Limited (06/05/1931)


University of Reading, Special Collections

John Lehmann writes to discuss an issue with an agreement in regards to American rights which they have sold to Alfred A. Knopf Inc. They request that Mr. Savage makes an alteration to the agreement which they are sending back to him.


Typescript letter signed by Lehmann