Letter from John Lehmann to Logos Agency of Prague (03/12/1931)

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[[MS 2750/545/10]]


Herrn. Logos, 
Belskeho 36, 






Dear Sirs,


We thank you for your letter of the 30th November.  We are sending you a copy of the book in the original.  Our terms to a publisher would be: 10% royalty on all copies sold, with an advance on account of royalties of £10 payable on the signature of the agreement.


We will keep you in mind when we are publishing any novel of the sort you need.  This Autumn we published a novel entitled SADO by Willam Plomer, one of the most significant of the younger English writers.  It describes events in an Englishman's sojourn in Japan, and has been highly praised.  The foreign rights are controlled by the author, whose address is 2 Canning Place, Palace Gate, London W,8.


Yours faithfully, | The Hogarth Press. | John F. Lehmann [signature] | Manager.


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Source: MS 2750/545/10

Letter from John Lehmann to Logos Agency of Prague (03/12/1931)


University of Reading, Special Collections

John Lehmann outlines the terms of The Hogarth Press for the publishing of The Village in the Jungle and extends the address of another author.

Typescript letter signed by Lehmann