Letter from John Hampson Simpson to The Hogarth Press (05/06/1930)



[[MS 2750/153/4]]


[pre-printed sender’s address] Four Ashes, Dorridge, Birmingham.




Dear Sir


two year [sic] ago you were kind enough to be interested in a book I wrote.  Being one of those queer people who do not study what publishers want, I am still struggling on, hoping that they will take what I offer.


The three enclosed letters are almost self-explanatory.


(1) 'Go seek a stranger' dealt with homosexuals.


(2) 'Saturday night at the Greyhound' is 'too short'.


(3) 'O Providence' deals with the life of a boy, ending during his fourteenth year.  It is very long (92000 words.)


[A large handwritten tick covers the centre of the letter.]





With all al my cards face up on the table, I am asking if you would care to conside [sic] the M S of the third book.


I should be glad to have the enclosed letters back.  They are a reward of labour and my encouragement to keep on


Yours sincerely | John Hampson Simpson [signature]

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Source: MS 2750/153/4

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Letter from John Hampson Simpson to The Hogarth Press (05/06/1930)



University of Reading, Special Collections

John Hampson Simpson writes to The Hogarth Press for their consideration on the matter of publishing his work. He encloses letters which detail criticisms he has received from other publishers for three of his novels. He requests that they send the letters back to him. [enclosed letters not found at the time of cataloguing].


Handwritten letter signed by Hampson Simpson