Letter from John Hampson Simpson to Leonard Woolf (18/05/1931)



[[MS 2750/153/25]]


Four Ashes



Dear Mr. Woolf,


The Swedish publishers of 'Saturday night' are Messrs. Holger Schildts Forlagsaktiebolag, Tunnelgatan 19B, Stockholm. 


I was delighted to have an excuse for calling to see you on Friday.  Unfortunately I had arranged to meet some of my friends at twelve-thirty, which may excuse my rather uneasy behaviour.


I am interested in stage production, and went to see 'The White Horse Inn', and the Chauve-Souris, the first was horrible, one thinks of a huge badly cooked meal of indigestible food, and shudders for the people, who bolt it down, so swiftly.  The only item of it, that I remember with pleasure, was the dancing of the Tyrolese men.  After all that, I was in no mood for a second show -





though I went (with friends, by arrangement).  Still I could not, write a critical sentence about the Chauve-Souris, the previous orgy was too much for me.


I am spending Whitsuntide in Scotland, the visit will be an adventure.


Good wishes.


Yours sincerely | John Hampson Simpson. [signature]

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Letter from John Hampson Simpson to Leonard Woolf (18/05/1931)



University of Reading, Special Collections

John Hampson writes to let Leonard Woolf who the Swedish Publishers are for 'Saturday Night at the Greyhound' and gives their address. He then writes on more personal matters including his recent meeting with Woolf, and a recent stage production he has been to see. He also states he will be spending Whitsuntide in Scotland.


Handwritten letter signed by Hampson Simpson