Letter from Hope Mirrlees to Leonard Woolf (31/8/1924)



[[MS 2750/7/14]]


4 Rue de Chevreuse 
Paris (Vi e)


Aug[ust]. 31. 1924


Dear Leonard [Woolf] -


I enclose the agreement signed by us both.


I also enclose a sketch map by Prince Mirsky. We are not sure that it is sufficiently clear for reproduction, but we leave that to you. If it can be reproduced it would certainly make the book easier reading.


We are very much pleased that you like the book in re-reading. We felt it from thefirst to be very fine, but we are glad of






We shall be in England on the 15th Sept[ember] to about the 5th of October. It will be best for us to have the proofs there. Our address will be as usual:


University Women's Club 
2 Audley Square 
South Audley St.


I think I said that Prince Mirsky must have proofs of the whole text, not only of his preface. This is because of the place-names of which he only can secure the accuracy. You have this Paris address.


With love to Virginia [Woolf] | Y[ou]rs. | H.M. *1 -




*1 Hope Mirrlees

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Letter from Hope Mirrlees to Leonard Woolf (31/8/1924)



University of Reading, Special Collections

Mirrlees sends agreement signed by herself and Harrison. She encloses a map sketched by Prince Mirsky [D. S. Mirsky]  for possible reproduction. Mirrlees gives an English address for receipt of proofs in September, and reiterates that Mirsky requires to see the whole proofs as he is checking place-names.

Handwritten letter signed by Mirrlees