Letter from Harold Nicolson to Leonard Woolf (22/10/1924)

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[[MS 2750/317/3]]


Oct. 22. 1924


Dear Woolf,

Your[?] letter of Oct. 21.

(1) I should not require extra special paper.

(2) On second thoughts I think 50 copies would be better than 100. I quite realise that this diminution of the number would not really affect the price. I am quite prepared to pay £15 to £20 for the 50 copies.

(3) It is rather a blow about you being full up. I wanted the thing as a Christmas present. On the other hand I should prefer to have it done [1 word struck through] by the Hogarth Press. It would give it a cachet which it will otherwise lack sadly.


(4) I fear I can’t put it into shape for a public edition. The only point is a certain intimacy about it. That would be lost if it were publicly issued.



I    If you could do 50 copies by December 15 at £15 - 20 I will send you the typescript

II  If not, don’t bother any more, as I shall get[?] it done by Constable or someone.

Are you, and your terrifying wife*1, amused by the Press [?] of Vitas Seducers?’’ I am, “The scene of Miss V.S.W’s*2  new novel is laid in Ecuador’’, is really a very engaging notice[?].

Sincerely [?] | Harold Nicolson [signature]


[written at the top of page 1 as a postscript note]

This is meant to be a polite, [3 words illeg.] letter. On reading it over it seems curt, thankless and confused. So Sorry! Yours




1 Virginia Woolf

2 Vita Sackville-West

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Letter from Harold Nicolson to Leonard Woolf (22/10/1924)



University of Reading, Special Collections

Harold Nicolson writes and states he would prefer 50 copies instead of 100, and how much he will be prepared to pay. Nicolson also expresses his disappointment about the press being full, his preference of having it published with The Hogarth Press, and his wish to have it published as a Christmas Present. Nicolson also clarifies that he can not prepare it to be printed publicly due to its intimacy, which would then be lost. He then goes on to ask whether it can be printed by December if there are only 50 copies made. He finishes his letter by mentioning Woolf's 'terrifying wife' and Vita Sackville-West's latest novel.


Handwritten letter signed by Nicholson