Letter from E.M.Forster to Leonard Woolf (19/06/1923)




[[MS 2750/93/30]]


Hunny Hill  Brighstone  Isle of Wight


19 - 6 - [19]23


Dear Leonard,


I was about to write to you. Business first. I much like the idea of a cheap edition Far better than buying costly sheets from Knopf. Please arrange it at once if you can and as for "terms" I leave it to you to give me what is right: or possibly this edition comes under our existing understanding? As for printers, let Whitehead Morris pass through your mind. They seem (in London) quite efficient and might give you special facilities in view of the connection between the two books. I should like to see proofs. There are some misprints in the present edition, despite us all.





Please be sure to reserve 12 copies for me. My mother much worried in case all are sold, and we <are> forgotten. 'I am sure there will be some misfortune' my mother says.


We stop here till the end of the month. It is pleasant: especially since my eyes have got all right: I could not work and scarcely read for a fortnight and got frightfully irritable. I felt you weren't enjoying the dinner again, and was very sorry. I am glad you liked my speech.


How is Virginia*1? My [sic] I come and stop a couple of nights after my return?


Morgan [signature]




1. Virginia Woolf

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Letter from E.M.Forster to Leonard Woolf (19/06/1923)



University of Reading, Special Collections

Forster writes to agree about the idea for a cheap edition rather than buying sheets from Knopf. He asks if the cheap edition will come under their existing agreement and suggests a printers to Woolf. He reserves 12 copies. He enquires after Virginia Woolf and tells Leonard how long he is staying in Brighton.

Handwritten letter signed by Forster [signed as Morgan]