Letter from E.M.Forster to Leonard Woolf (08/06/1923)



[[MS 2750/93/28]]


Hunny Hill 
Isle of Wight




Dear Leonard


Of course the Society of Authors raises its usual storms over this agreement. All I really mind is Clause IX. I want 'one year' to be 'three'. Surely this is fair: otherwise he will not take the trouble to sell at the normal rate.


Then, if you can, get Clause VI deleted, from the brackets  '(which limit - - ' to the end 'hereto'.  Its the 'unavoidable delay' clause that wrecked me over the Alexandra book, also if he fails to publish, the agreement shouldn't 'terminate' - he is has broken it and is liable accordingly.


Clause I debars your edition from entering Canada, I think: but this is not important, perhaps.


And you might point out that though I pass




Clause VII which assigns him serial [1 word illeg.] rights and a 50% profit. I only do so because the book is not a valuable project[?] and I don't want to raise more than the minimum ot of objections.


I am delighted P. & P. is selling. A.C. Benson writes in ecstasies. I had an idea it was a front[?], perhaps because I have seen only 2 reviews.  Friends have got it from the Times, but not from Mudies so far.


Shall sleep up in town for the [1 word illeg.] I think. Should like to [1 word illeg.] and stop with you after I get back from here forever - i e after end of month.


With love. Hope you're both well. Do you know of a sensible occultist? I have had a little trouble with my eyes. They have always been good so far, so I am anxious to avoid the cost of a portentous[?] expert.  Send me an address if you recommend one.


EMF [signature]


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Letter from E.M.Forster to Leonard Woolf (08/06/1923)



University of Reading, Special Collections

Forster writes about the Society of Authors and their terms of agreement. He discusses various clauses of the agreement and alterations he would like. He mentions his delight that Pharos and Pharillon  is selling. He enquires if Woolf knows a good optician.

Handwritten initialled by Forster