Letter from E. M. Forster to Leonard Woolf (19/03/1923)



[[MS 2750/93/16]]




19 - 3 - [19]77


Dear Leonard,


The terms you suggest are, I think, as good as we can expect; though if you negotiate with Knopf something in advance should be a sine-qua-non because it will stimulate him to advertise, which otherwise he doesnt [sic] do. Have you written him a line? I should be glad if you would, even if you don't sent proofs. To Claridge's.


In the case of a publisher whom you believe to be satisfactory, I will take 10% and forgo an advance - though of course I should [illeg. character crossed out] prefer one.


Enclosed is a handbill: the rest will reach you Wednesdy [sic], I hope.. Whitehead[?] Morris are printing on the addition at the bottom of the page.


I wish you could manage to sell the book for 4/6. The paper [1 word illeg.] podge it out, but I don't





think I do! What about the paper labels? Will you [illeg. character] be able to let me see the size and style of these?


Morgan [signature]

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Letter from E. M. Forster to Leonard Woolf (19/03/1923)



University of Reading, Special Collections

Forster accepts the terms from Woolf's previous letter but inquires if Woolf has written to Knopf. He enquires about being able to see paper labels.

Handwritten letter signed by Forster [Signed as Morgan]