Letter from Donald C. Brace to The Hogarth Press (26/10/1949)

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The Hogarth Press 
40-42 William IV Street 
London, W.C.2


October 26, 1949.


[Stamp of the Hogarth Press showing Received 31 OCT 1949 THE HOGARTH PRESS LTD.]


Dear Sirs:


You wrote on September eighth to ask our permission for you to allow William Jackson to export to the United States up to 250 copies of the forthcoming volume of Mrs. Woolf’s essays, THE CAPTAIN’S DEATH BED. We have put off replying because we have been expecting to receive proofs of the book. The last word I had from Mr. Woolf about it was that he hoped to send proofs in September.


We have always given this permission in the case of Mrs. Woolf’s books in order to permit collectors to obtain first editions, but now, and in the case of this book, 250 copies seem a larger number than the legitimate demand of collectors would require. It is certainly a higher percentage of the total sale to be expected in this market than it was in the case of Mrs. Woolf’s earlier books. We are willing to give the permission, but we suggest that a more suitable number would be not more than 150 copies.


Yours sincerely, | Harcourt, Brace and Company, | Donald Brace [signature]

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Letter from Donald C. Brace to The Hogarth Press (26/10/1949)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Donald C. Brace suggest that The Hogarth Press only export 150 copies of The Captain's Death Bed to the United States.


Typescript letter signed by Brace