Letter from Donald Brace to Leonard Woolf (03/03/1932)

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400 in sheets.*]


Leonard Woolf, Esq. 
52 Tavistock Square 
London, W.C.1


March 3, 1932.


Dear Mr. Woolf:


Are you in a position to supply either sheets or copies of your ESSAYS ON LITERATURE, [underlining has been added by hand and a large tick covers the whole paragraph] etc.? The book is out of print with us, but we have an inquiry from the H. W. Wilson Company, who handle library indexes and reference works, asking whether they could secure a small number of copies. If the book is still available, could you let us have the lowest quotation on 100 copies and on 250 copies in sheets, or alternatively, if you cannot supply sheets, on the same quantities in your binding?


Yours sincerely, | Donald Brace [handwritten signature]




[*In 1927, 520 go to U.S.A. for 39/5/5 (inc. packing.) - @ 1/6 each to keep[?] pay royalty*]


[*(“c. 12/6 for case & packing 260)*]


[*2/-  100%[?] 
1/10  250*]

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Letter from Donald Brace to Leonard Woolf (03/03/1932)


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Donald Brace requests a quote for acquiring 100 copies of Essays on Literature etc.

Typescript letter with handwritten annotation