Letter from Clara Walker to Leonard Woolf (09/08/1923)

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Source: MS 2750/493/20

Letter from Clara Walker to Leonard Woolf (09/08/1923)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Clara Walker (Leonard Woolf's sister) writes asking Leonard to sign and return the duplicate copy of the contract with Thomas Seltzer for the American edition of Tolstoi's Love Letters. She also expresses some annoyance over the handling of the American edition of Pharos and Pharillon, which she had submitted to Knopf on The Hogarth Press's behalf when she received a cable from Leonard informing her that it had sold (to Knopf). Clara Walker adds a handwritten note to say that Seltzer are adding annotations to Tolstoi's Love Letters, but as this is being done at their expense, it will not affect the contract.

Typescript letter signed by Walker with handwritten annotations