Letter from Aline Burch to John Carroll (18/12/1952)

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[[MS 2750/79/9]] 




John Carroll, Esq., 
5 Redesdale Street, 
Chelsea, S.W.3. 


18th December, 1952. 


Dear Mr. Carroll, 


I have received Mr. Woolf's copy of The Waste Land and also William Empson's Poems which I have returned to Miss Lyn.  In acknowleding receipt of the books, however, I must say that I am horrified at the state in which The Waste Land has been returned,  A piece of adhesive paper has been stuck on the cover, presumably to keep the book open, which it will be quite impossible to remove without damage, and the spine also appears to have received some knocks.  I am really most distressed about this as the book is a valuable one and was in mint condition.  I shall have to refer the matter to Mr. Woolf, and he will doubtless be writing about it.  Meanwhile, however, I must make this protest, as I certainly thought the book would be carefully treated and, on my assurance Mr. Woolf agreed to lend it. 


Yours sincerely, | for the Hogarth Press Ltd. 




1. Aline Burch 

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Source: MS 2750/79/9

Letter from Aline Burch to John Carroll (18/12/1952)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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Burch writes in receipt of the copy of The Wasteland which has been returned. Burch complains about the condition in which the book has been returned and passes on the matter to Leonard Woolf.

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