Letter from Alfred A. Knopf Inc.to Leonard Woolf (28/01/1931)



[[MS 2750/153/16]]


[pre-printed letterhead] [Logo of Borzoi Books] ALFRED A. KNOPF, Inc. New York From R.W. Postgate, European Representative  4 Elm Close  London N W 4  Please send Books and Parcels to 37 Bedford Square, W.C.1.




L. S. Woolf, Esq., 
The Hogarth Press, 
52, Tavistock Square, 
W. C. 1.


28th January, 1931.


Dear Mr. Woolf,


The only point which remains to be settled, after our discussion of yesterday, is I think, the actual terms for Hampson's SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE GREYHOUND.  We suggest a royalty of 10% up to 5,000 copies, and 15% thereafter, with an advance of accrued royalties on the day of publication.


For his second book, OH[sic] PROVIDENCE!, we understand that you will let us know as soon as you decide whether to take up your option or not, and that if you decide to take up your option, we should have the opportunity of doing the same. 


Yours sincerely, | R W Postgate [signature] | R.W. Postgate

Source: MS 2750/153/16

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Letter from Alfred A. Knopf Inc.to Leonard Woolf (28/01/1931)


University of Reading, Special Collections

R. W. Postgate writes to ask to settle terms relating to 'Saturday Night at the Greyhound'. He suggests a royalty percentage and number of copies. They also discuss John Hampson's second book 'O Providence'.


Typescript letter signed by Postgate