Internal memo written by The Hogarth Press relating to 'The Death of the Moth' (07/09/1943)

  • Image of typescript internal memo written by The Hogarth Press relating to 'The Death of a Moth' (07/09/1943)



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[internal memo]


L.S.W.*1 7.9.43. Death of the Moth. I note what you suggest about printing a further 1,000 copies before we distribute type, but I am afraid I haven't got a scrap of paper for the job.  It is Demy 8vo [Octavo], and unless I keep New Writing in that size and order a bit more to cover your suggestion for my November quota, it will have to wait a very long time indeed.  My plan was to order the whole of the November quota in Crown 8vo [Octavo] : it seemed to me more flexible when we have so many demands on our paper, but cannot be certain which book will go fastest.  Perhaps you would let me know again what you think should be done in view of these facts.


2} Stocker and Mann. I agree that the pre-partnership assessment for you looks very heavy, and you have all my sympathy.  I cannot judge the rights of it, as I get headache enough keeping my mind clear about my own position.  I also agree that Stocker and Mann have been very difficult to deal with, and am quite prepared to ask my own people (Rooke, Holt and Co.,) whether they will take the job on.


3.) Bank Balance. Do not forget that we already have a small sum invested in War Savings, and could increase it if the balance began to rise very high.





1. Leonard Sydney Woolf

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Source: MS 2750/555/1/7

Internal memo written by The Hogarth Press relating to 'The Death of the Moth' (07/09/1943)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Note outlining the challenge of acquiring paper for the printing of Virginia Woolf's The Death of the Moth, hesitancy to working with Stocker and Mann, and the bank balance.

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