Wed, 05/25/2022 - 8:14pm Nicola Wilson

We hope you like our redesigned website!

Over the last year we worked with Garima Batra and Srishti Sheshadri - two amazing designers at the University of Toronto’s Information School - plus our tech lead, Erica Cavanaugh (University of Virginia), to re-evaluate the design and user experience of the MAPP website.

Garima and Srishti conducted user research sessions (with some ‘power users’ familiar with the MAPP site, and others who were new to the website) to identify how users interacted with the website and see what we could do better.


We have tried to address some of their key findings in our re-design:


  • Clarifying the purpose of MAPP: This is now up front and centre - ‘putting book publishers back into the research and teaching of modernism’. 

Our new ‘About MAPP’ page sets out ‘Our Purpose’ and ‘Our History’ 



  • Navigating the website and browsing effectively: we’ve introduced breadcrumbs for better wayfinding and navigation throughout the website. The ‘Browse’ tab is now called ‘All resources’ and we’ve improved search functionality for People so you can order and view the information by surname. 


  • More images less text: we’ve introduced accordion folds on people’s biographies and archival documents so you can find out more information about an item if you wish, but aren’t overwhelmed by text.    


We also made some other changes to the site: 


  • Accessibility: we have added alt text to images (which previously we had in a different metadata field) and have improved the usability of the site for screen readers. 

  • New Featured Posts: We have added some features that make it easier for users to see when there is new material in MAPP. 


If you find any glitches or have any feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the contact form! We always love to hear from you.