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Author(s) Title Year Published
The Roots of War A Pamphlet on War and the Social Order
Adventures in Investing by "Securitas" (Financial Editor of Time and Tide)
The Co-Operative Movement To-Day and To-Morrow
Sigmund Freud Inhibitions, Symptoms and Anxiety
Leonard Woolf The League and Abyssinia
Adrian Stephen The "Dreadnought" Hoax
Arthur Salter The League of Nations: the complete Story told for young people
Cecil Day-Lewis Noah and the Waters
F. C. R. Doulgas Land-Value Rating Theory and Practice
Fritz Faulkner Windless Sky
H. G. Wells The Idea of a World Encyclopedia
Irene Cooper Willis The Authorship of Wuthering Heights
Julian Bell Work for the Winter and Other Poems
K. Swinstead-Smith The Marchesa and Other Stories
Leo Tolstoy On Socialism
Leonard Barnes The Future of Colonies
Mary Gordon Chase of the Wild Goose: The Story of Lady Eleanor Butler and Miss Sarah Ponsonby, known as the Ladies of Llangollen
Rainer Maria Rilke Sonnets to Orpheus
Ray Strachey Our Freedom and Its Results by Five Women, Eleanor F. Rathbone, Erna Reiss, Ray Strachey, Allison Neilans, Mary Agnes Hamilton
Theodor Reik The Unknown Murderer
Yuri Olyesha Envy
Diet and High Blood Pressure
Ladies and Gentlemen in Victorian Fiction
Virginia Woolf The Years
Sigmund Freud A General Selection from the Works of Sigmund Freud
Francesca Allinson A Childhood
Vita Sackville-West Joan of Arc
Vita Sackville-West Pepita
Adolf Lowe The Price of Liberty
Anna Freud The Ego and Mechanisms of Defence
Christopher Isherwood Sally Bowles
Christopher Lee Poems
Ella Freeman Sharpe Dream Analysis
Melanie Klein, Joan Riviere Love, Hate and Reparation
L. B. Pekin The Military Training of Youth and the Effects of the O. T. C.
L. B. Pekin Darwin
Marjorie Strachey Mazzini, Garibaldi & Cavour
Melanie Klein, Joan Riviere Love, Hate and Reparation
R. H. S. Crossman Socrates
R. M. Fox Smoky Crusade
Vicountess Katharine Louisa Amberley The Amberley Papers
Viola Tree Can I Help You?
New Writing: New Series 1 (Autumn 1938)
Julian Bell
Virginia Woolf Three Guineas
Vita Sackville-West Solitude: A Poem
Christopher Isherwood Lions and Shadows
Edward Upward Journey to the Border
G. D. H. Cole The Machinery of Socialist Planning