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Author(s) Title Year Published
Margaret Miller Financial Democracy
Theodora Bosanquet Paul Valery
Good Merchant
From Moscow to Samarkand
Virginia Woolf Walter Sickert: A Conversation
Maxim Gorky Reminiscences of Tolstoy, Checkov and Andreev
Vita Sackville-West The Dark Island
A. L. Rowse The Question of the House of Lords
C. H. B. Kitchin Crime at Christmas
Constance Butler Illyria, Lady
Edmund Blunden Charles Lamb: His Life Recorded by His Contemporaries
Geza Roheim The Riddle of the Sphinx or Human Origins
Harold J. Laski Law and Justice in Soviet Russia
Peter Petroff, Irma Petroff The Secret of Hilter's Victory
James Sutherland The Medium of Poetry
John Lehmann The Noise of History
L. B. Pekin Progressive Schools
Laurens van der Post In a Province
Parmenas Githendu Mockerie An African Speaks for His People
Peter Petroff, Irma Petroff The Secret of Hilter's Victory
Rainer Maria Rilke Poems
Raymond Postgate How to Make a Revolution
S. K. Ratcliffe The Roots of Violence
W. F. Watson The Worker and Wage Incentives: The Bedaux and Other Systems
W. G. Ballinger Race and Economics in South Africa
The Brontes: Their Lives Recorded by Their Contemporaries
Ivan Bunin Grammar of Love
Sigmund Freud An Autobiographical Study
Leonard Woolf Quack, Quack!
Anna D. Whyte Change Your Sky
Arthur Calder-Marshall Challenge to Schools: A pamphlet on Public School Education
Cecil Day-Lewis Revolution in Writing
Cecil Day-Lewis Collected Poems 1929-1933
Cecil Day-Lewis A Time to Dance and Other Poems
Charles Mauron Aesthetics and Psychology
Christopher Isherwood Mr. Norris Changes Trains
Frederick Verinder Land and Freedom
G. P. Gooch Politics and Morals
Iris Origo Allegra
Mary Birkinshaw The Successful Teacher: An Occupational Analysis based on an enquiry conducted among women teachers in secondary schools
R. C. Trevelyan Beelzebub and Other Poems
Rainer Maria Rilke Requiem and Other Poems
Ralph Brewster The 6,000 Beards of Athos
Raymond Postgate What to do with the BBC
S. H. Bailey Mr. Roosevelt's Experiments
Susan Buchan Funeral March of a Marionette
Thomas Sharp A Derelict Area: A Study of South-West Durham Coalfield
W. R. Lester Poverty and Plenty
Adventures in Investing by "Securitas" (Financial Editor of Time and Tide)
The Co-Operative Movement To-Day and To-Morrow