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Author(s) Title Year Published
Bonamy Dobree St. Martin's Summer
C. M. Lloyd Russian Notes
Christopher Isherwood The Memorial: Portrait of a Family
Dorothy Wellesley Jupiter and the Nun
Francis Birrell A Letter from a Black Sheep
G. T. Garratt The Mugwumps and the Labour Party
Graham D. Pole India in Transition
Harold J. Laski The Crisis and the Constitution: 1931 and After
Helene Deutsch Psycho-Analysis of Neuroses
Henry Noel Brailsford If We Want Peace
Hugh Walpole A Letter to A Modern Novelist
J. C. Hardwick A Letter to the Archbishop
Joan Adeney Easdale Clemence and Clare
John A. Hobson From Capitalism to Socialism
John Hampson O Providence
Julia Strachey Cheerful Weather for the Wedding
L. A. G. Strong A Letter to W. B. Yeats
L. B. Pekin Public Schools: Their Failure and Their Reform
Leonard Barnes The New Boer War
Louis Golding A Letter to Adolf Hitler
Lyn Irvine Ten Letter-Writers
Maurice Dobb On Marxism To-Day
Melanie Klein The Psychoanalysis of Children
Michael Roberts New Signatures: Poems by Several Hands
Michael Sadler Modern Art and Revolution
Peter Quennell A Letter to Mrs. Virginia Woolf
R. C. Trevelyan Rimeless Numbers
R. D. Charques Soviet Education
Raymond Mortimer The French Pictures
Rene Laforgue The Defeat of Baudelaire A Psycho-Analytical Study of the Neuroses of Charles Baudelaire
William Plomer The Fivefold Screen
William Plomer The Case is Altered
The Hogarth Letters
New Country Prose and Poetry by the authors of New Signatures
A Letter to a Grandfather
Virginia Woolf Flush: A Biography
Ivan Bunin The Well of Days
Sigmund Freud New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis
Vita Sackville-West Collected Poems
A. Prophett The Twilight Age: A Fragment of a Life
Benito Mussolini The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism
C. L. R. James The Case for West-Indian Self Government
C. T. Cramp The Worker's Point of View
Cecil Day-Lewis The Magnetic Mountain
Derrick Leon Livingstones: A Novel of Contemporary Life
H. R. G. Greaves The Spanish Constitution
Hebe Spaull How the World is Governed A Study in World Civics
Imre Madach The Tragedy of Man
K. M. Panikkar Caste and Democracy
Lord Olivier The Myth of Governor Eyre