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Author(s) Title Year Published
Arthur Ponsonby Disarmament: A Discussion
Bonamy Dobree St. Martin's Summer
C. M. Lloyd Russian Notes
Christopher Isherwood The Memorial: Portrait of a Family
Dorothy Wellesley Jupiter and the Nun
Francis Birrell A Letter from a Black Sheep
G. T. Garratt The Mugwumps and the Labour Party
Graham D. Pole India in Transition
Harold J. Laski The Crisis and the Constitution: 1931 and After
Helene Deutsch Psycho-Analysis of Neuroses
Henry Noel Brailsford If We Want Peace
Hugh Walpole A Letter to A Modern Novelist
J. C. Hardwick A Letter to the Archbishop
Joan Adeney Easdale Clemence and Clare
John A. Hobson From Capitalism to Socialism
John Hampson O Providence
Julia Strachey Cheerful Weather for the Wedding
L. A. G. Strong A Letter to W. B. Yeats
L. B. Pekin Public Schools: Their Failure and Their Reform
Leonard Barnes The New Boer War
Louis Golding A Letter to Adolf Hitler
Lyn Irvine Ten Letter-Writers
Maurice Dobb On Marxism To-Day
Melanie Klein The Psychoanalysis of Children
Michael Roberts New Signatures: Poems by Several Hands
Michael Sadler Modern Art and Revolution
Peter Quennell A Letter to Mrs. Virginia Woolf
R. C. Trevelyan Rimeless Numbers
R. D. Charques Soviet Education
Raymond Mortimer The French Pictures
Rene Laforgue The Defeat of Baudelaire A Psycho-Analytical Study of the Neuroses of Charles Baudelaire
William Plomer The Case is Altered
William Plomer The Fivefold Screen
New Country Prose and Poetry by the authors of New Signatures
A Letter to a Grandfather
The Hogarth Letters
Virginia Woolf Flush: A Biography
Ivan Bunin The Well of Days
Sigmund Freud New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis
Vita Sackville-West Collected Poems
A. Prophett The Twilight Age: A Fragment of a Life
Benito Mussolini The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism
C. L. R. James The Case for West-Indian Self Government
C. T. Cramp The Worker's Point of View
Cecil Day-Lewis The Magnetic Mountain
Derrick Leon Livingstones: A Novel of Contemporary Life
H. R. G. Greaves The Spanish Constitution
Hebe Spaull How the World is Governed A Study in World Civics
Imre Madach The Tragedy of Man
K. M. Panikkar Caste and Democracy