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Author(s) Title Year Published
Virginia Woolf The Voyage Out
Virginia Woolf A Room of One's Own
Virginia Woolf Night and Day
Vita Sackville-West King's Daughter
C. H. B. Kitchin The Death of My Aunt
Cecil Day-Lewis Transitional Poem
E. E. Kellett The Whirligig of Taste
E. E. Kellett The Northern Saga
Edmund Blunden Nature in English Literature
Ernst Benkard Undying Faces
F. L. Lucas Time and Memory
G. D. H. Cole Politics and Literature
G. S. Dutt A Woman of India
H. G. Wells The Common Sense of World Peace
Henry Green Living
Humbert Wolfe Notes on English Verse Satire
Huw Menai The Passing of Guto and Other Poems
Ida Graves The China Cupboard and Other Poems
Italo Svevo The Hoax
John Stephens Danger Zones of Europe: A Study of National Minorities
Kathleen Innes The Reign of Law A Short and Simple Introduction to the Work of the Permanent Court of International Justice
Lord Olivier White Capital & Coloured Labour
Mark Starr Lies and Hate in Education
Thos J. Hewitt, Ralph Hill An Outline of Musical History
Robinson Jeffers Cawdor
Sylva Norman Nature Has No Tune
Thos J. Hewitt, Ralph Hill An Outline of Musical History
Wilfrid Benson The Foreigner in the Family
William Plomer Paper Houses
William Plomer The Family Tree
Letters to Frederick Tennyson
Cambridge Poetry 1930
The Armed Muse Poems
The Art of Dying An Anthology
A Broadcast Anthology of Modern Poetry
Virginia Woolf On Being Ill
Sigmund Freud Civilization and Its Discontents
Vita Sackville-West The Edwardians
Alice Ritchie Occupied Territory
Dorothy Wellesley Deserted House
Edwin Arlington Robinson Cavender's House
Eric Walter White Stravinsky's Sacrifice to Apollo
F. O. Mann St. James's Park and Other Poems
H. G. Wells The Open Conspiracy Blue Prints for a World Revolution A Second Version of this faith of a modern man made more explicit and plain
Horace B. Samuel Beneath the Whitewash
Horace B. Samuel Unholy Memories of the Holy Land
Italo Svevo The Nice Old Man and the Pretty Girl and Other Stories
J. C. Flugel The Psychology of Clothes
John S. Hoyland History as Direction
John W. Graham Britain & America