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Author(s) Title Year Published
Kathleen Innes The League of Nations and the World's Workers An Introduction to the Work of the International Labour Organisation
Laura Riding Voltaire A Biographical Poem
Lord Olivier The Empire Builder
Lord Olivier The Anatomy of African Misery
Mary Hutchinson Fugitive Pieces
Muriel Jaeger The Man with Six Senses
Peter Ibbetson Mr. Baldwin Explains and other Dream Interviews
R. B. Braithwaite The State of Religious Belief
R. C. Trevelyan Cheiron
R. C. Trevelyan Meleager
Robert H. Hull Contemporary Music
Roger Fry Cezanne: A Study of His Develoment
Stephen King-Hall The China of To-Day
Stephen King-Hall Posterity
Virginia Woolf, Vanessa Bell Kew Gardens. Decorated by Vanessa Bell
William Plomer Notes for Poems
William Plomer I Speak of Africa
William Stephen Sanders Early Socialist Days
It Was Not Jones
Phases of English Poetry
Virginia Woolf Orlando A Biography
Sigmund Freud The Future of an Illusion
Leonard Woolf Imperialism and Civilization
Stanley Snaith A Flying Scroll
Vita Sackville-West Twelve Days: An Account of a Journey across the Bakhtiari Mountains in Southwestern Persia
Alice Ritchie The Peacemakers
B. Bowker Lancashire Under the Hammer
Basil De Selincourt The Enjoyment of Music
Clive Bell Proust
D. E. Enfield L. E. L. A Mystery of the Thirties
Dorothy Wellesley Matrix
Edgar H. Brookes What is Wrong with the League of Nations?
Edward Thompson Cock Robin's Decease
Edwin Muir The Structure of the Novel
Elizabeth Robins Ibsen and the Actress
Eric Walter White Parnassus to Let
Florence Wilson Near East Educational Survey Report of a survey made during the months of April, May and June, 1927
Frances Cornford Different Days
Francis E. Pollard War and Human Values
George Rylands Words and Poetry
H. J. C. Grierson Lyrical Poetry from Blake to Hardy
H. Wilson Harris Arms or Arbitration?
John Rickman Index Psychoanalyticus 1893-1926 Authors' Index of Papers on Psychoanalysis
Kathleen Innes The Origins of the League Covenant Documentary History of its Drafting
R. M. Fox The Triumphant Machine
Robert H. Hull Delius
Robinson Jeffers Roan Stallion Tamar and Other Poems
Margaret Mackworth Leisured Women
Cambridge Poetry 1929
The Diary of Montaigne's Journey to Italy in 1580 and 1581