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Author(s) Title Year Published
Douglas Ainslie Chosen Poems
Edwin Muir Chorus of the Newly Dead
Edwin Muir Transition
F. L. Lucas The River Flows
Gertrude Stein Composition as Explanation
Henry Green Blindness: a novel
Hubert Waley The Revival of Aesthetics
John A. Hobson Notes on Law and Order
John Maynard Keynes The End of Laissez-Faire
Joseph Burtt The People of Ararat
Julia Margaret Cameron Victorian Photographs of Famous Men & Fair Women
Kathleen Innes How The League of Nations Works Told for Young People
Laura Riding The Close Chaplet
Marius Lyle The Education of a Young Man in Twelve Lessons
Mary Stella Edwards Time and Chance
Muriel Jaeger The Question Mark
R. C. Trevelyan The Deluge and Other Poems
Robert Graves Another Future of Poetry
Robert Graves Impenetrability or the Proper Habit of English
Roger Fry Art and Commerce
Rose Macaulay Catchwords and Claptrap
Sandor Ferenczi Further Contributions to the Theory and Technique of Psychoanalysis
Vernon Lee The Poet's Eye
Viola Tree Castles in the Air The Story of My Singing Days
W. Arnold-Forster The Victory of Reason A Pamphlet on Arbitration
Books and the Public
The Judgment of Francois Villon A Pageant-Episode Play in Five Acts
Coal A Challenge to the National Conscience
Disarmament and the Coolidge Conference
Virginia Woolf To the Lighthouse
Virginia Woolf, Vanessa Bell Kew Gardens. Decorated by Vanessa Bell
Sigmund Freud The Ego and the Id
Logan Pearsall Smith The Prospects of Literature
Leonard Woolf Essays on Literature, History, Politics etc.
Leonard Woolf Hunting the Highbrow
Arthur Quiller-Couch A Lecture on Lectures
C. H. B. Kitchin Mr. Balcony
Charles Davies Welshman's Way
Charles Mauron The Nature of Beauty in Art and Literature
Edward Sackville-West The Apology of Arthur Rimbaud
Edwin Muir The Marionette
F. L. Lucas Tragedy in Relation to Aristotle's Poetics
F. O. Mann The Sisters and Other Tales in Verse
Fridtjof Nansen Adventure and Other Papers
Geoffrey Taylor Withering of the Fig Leaf
H. G. Wells Democracy Under Revision
Harold Nicolson The Development of English Biography
Horace Alexander Justice Among Nations
John Ramsay Allardyce Nicoll Studies in Shakespeare
Karl Abraham The Selected Papers of Karl Abraham