Reminiscences of Leo Nicolayevitch Tolstoi


Maxim Gorky


Biography of Tolstoy by Gorky.

Gorky's Reminiscences are his own fragmentary notes and observations collected from his time as Tolstoy's friend. He claims in the preface not to have edited or attempted to finish these scraps of biographical insight since he deems them somehow necessarily unfinished. The book provides an interesting example of the use of fragmentary form to convey important insights about character. As a biographer, Gorky is neither hero-worshipping nor vilifying but attempts instead to convey Tolstoi's complexity by resisting simple narrative conclusions.

According to Leonard Woolf "The success of Gorky's book was really the turning point for the future of the Press and for our future" (AB, 2. OUP, 1980) p. 234. 


Samuel Solomonovich Koteliansky Leonard Woolf



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