Nicola Wilson

We are hiring: MAPP Archives Research Assistant at University of Reading

We are hiring an Archives Research Assistant to work on MAPP at Special Collections, University of Reading. This is a 0.4 post, fixed term for two years. Job spec and details on how to apply are available here:

The Power of the Bookshop

Surprisingly, I think I have only recently understood the full power of the bookshop. As a literature graduate and book lover it is perhaps no shock that bookshops are among my favourite places to spend time (and usually a small fortune!). I have loved many a bookshop, often in a quiet, personal way. Perhaps now more than ever, in a fast-paced and frequently impersonal society of online shopping, the almost sacred quality that bookshops can possess is particularly striking. What they offer, for me at least, is a haven of knowledge and creativity, going beyond that of a retail exploit.


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