Student Work

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Bronwen Masemann, Faculty Associate Librarian at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, collaborated through a teaching partnership with Claire Battershill (then) at the University of Reading to lead students in creating metadata according to the TEI-Lite schema for several Hogarth Press pamphlets. Read more about the project on this blog.


A student of Claire Battershill's was inspired to work on hand-making books with Hogarth Press-inspired art. See a photo archive and read a description of the project here.


In a summer term introductory Digital Humanities class (2017) at the University of Oregon’s Honors College (co-taught by MAPP’s Helen Southworth and Digital Mitford’s Professor Raisanen), undergraduate Kela Apau looked at the three Hogarth Essay Series, focusing on authorship and distribution (see attached Word document, "Kela Apau Hogarth Essays (Teaching)").


University of Oregon Clark Honors College senior David Adams (HC 421 “Introduction to DH”) set out to map the reception and distribution of journalist Ben Bowker's Hogarth Press pamphlet Lancashire Under the Hammer (1928). Among other resources, Adams used a list of railway stations marked as sales locations from Bowker's Reading University Hogarth Press Archives folder (see attached PowerPoint file, "Lancashire Under the Hammer").


In an introductory DH class (Spring '14) Architecture/Clark Honors College undergraduate Kiana Motohari Asl used her digital skills and Richard Kennedy's A Boy at the Hogarth Press to construct a visualization of a floor plan of the Hogarth Press's Tavistock Square location, destroyed during the Blitz (see attached PDF, "Kiana_Final Project Description").


University of Oregon Clark Honors College undergraduate Mairi McCaslin (Introduction to DH, 2014) created a brief biography and PowerPoint for poet Frances Cornford (see attached PDF, "Frances Cornford Presentation").